Brazilian Grills & Parrillas For The Restaurant

Brazilian Grills

Wildwood’s line of Professional Brazilian Grills includes charcoal-fired, wood-fired, and gas Brazilian grills. Our gas grills are designed with the heat source (Infrared Burners ) located over the cooking area, and the lower area contains a water bath for collection and easy disposal of grease and drippings. These Gas Brazilian rotisserie grills are available in sizes from 15 skewers to 80 skewers.

Parrilla Grills

Our collection of Parrilla grills are available in many configurations and grill lift options. Our front-wheel winder grill lifts offer very precise control with very smooth action on the wheel due to the synchro-mesh gearing. The placement of the front wheel winder is easy to reach and looks very stylish.

All these parrilla grills have the option of a fire burn box. Wildwoods grill product line features models ranging in depths of 22″, 27″ 32″ deep, which means we have grills to fit almost any kitchen. From free-standing grills with wheels to stationary grills designed for masonry installation. Wildwood has you covered.

Gaucho Style Cooking
Below you will see a curated collection of diverse grills for show kitchens and show windows. For cooking beef ribs, our Fogo de Chao ground pit is designed with vertical skewers that surround a central wood fire. These vertical skewers rotate automatically for slow even cooking. Each vertical skewer has a collection tray to capture drippings.

Mobile Catering BBQ’s
Wildwoods line of Brazilian grill catering BBQs is designed to go anywhere a trailer or food truck can’t. These grills are based on the same heavy-duty platform as our restaurant grills but include all-terrain pneumatic tires and a steering mechanism with a built-in brake. This assures your grill will stay in place even on uneven ground.

Combination Grills
Below you will see many hybrid combination grills that bring several of our best grill features together. Some popular configurations include combing a parrilla grill with a Brazilian grill as well as a fire burn box for creating the ultimate charcoal. As a custom fabricator, we have the ability to create your dream BBQ grill.