Parrilla 672 C

Parrilla 672 C  Professional Wood Fired Grill

Space Saving Alternative For Smaller Kitchens

Dimensions:   63 x 27.5 x 33.5″ H

Weight:  294 Lbs

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

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Parrilla 672 Line Drawing




Wildwoods Parrilla C 672  is a professional and traditional Argentine-style grill is a classic style wood grill that includes a central Brasileiro for burning wood to create your own charcoal.

Typically placed in a constructed masonry enclosure in your home or restaurant this Parrilla grill becomes a real focal point, Letting people know you are serious about your grilling. This Parrilla C 672 grill is made entirely of 304 stainless steel for maximum hygiene and durability.

The grill elevation system uses front-mounted wheel winders to raise and lower the V groove grills. A removable grease collection tray is located in from of each gently sloped grill. And all grills are easily removed for cleaning.

The central firebox is 15.75  ” wide and includes an insulated access door and is lined with fire brick.

With a central burn basket and two separate grilling stations, this allows the chef many options for control. The chef can use this to keep meats separated from vegetables, or seafood separate from other food items.  So one side can be fired extra hot, another side can be more of a low and slow affair.


Grilling on this Parrilla is a dream come true. But  really makes this grill stand out from our other Professional Argentine-style Grills is the narrow width. At just under 28″ this grill is perfect for smaller kitchens and live-action stations where space is a factor. Such as food trucks and street carts.

Each grill station is 20.5″  wide and includes two removable grills and 1 fixed grill, as well as two meat hooks, for tempering meats before placing on the grill over hot coals.

When you are looking for a cost-effective and space-saving wood grill, with exceptional performance and great style, look no further.


Access doors: The area under the grill and firebox can include optional doors to close off this area.

Length: This grill can be made up to 96″

Fire Burn Box: Can be installed left, right or center. ( Specify at time of order)

Steel Support: Stand with Refractory concrete shelf and side walls ( Base design to be SITE finished by others  with tile, brick, stone, plaster concrete.)


Additional information

Weight 750 lbs
Dimensions 78 × 35 × 32 in