Professional Yakitori Grills

Prepare authentic Japanese Yakitori, Tokyo BBQ and more with Wildwood’s commercial Yakitori Grills and Robata Grills. These stylish units look great in your restaurant or home. We offer the finest Yakitori grill for sale. Typically fired with traditional Japanese Kishu Binchotan Komaru for fuel, we offer a dual fuel version. Our dual fuel Japanese Yakitori grill allows for both charcoal and gas cooking. Lighting charcoal is quick with the built in gas burner! Simple to use and easy to clean. Bottom tray catches fat and ashes.

Japanese commercial grills are smaller and more elegant than their American counterparts. The design is simple, traditional, and beautiful. They are perfect for making precise presentations of fine Japanese cuisine. Insulated walls result in high temperatures, that are controlled through adjustable ventilation. Wildwood’s grills are triple insulated for comfort and safety. Wildwood’ line of professional Japanese Robata Grills are made from heavy gauge, top quality 304 stainless steel with a sanitary brushed finish which produce an elegant look.

Wildwood’s Yakitori Grills Set The Standard For Japanese Grills

Wildwood produces a full selection of, Japanese Yakitori grill accessories to complement our grills. Our solid rest bars are included with every Robata grill as standard equipment. We offer angle elevation bars – a welded grill rack that allow multiple levels of skewers over the heat source. Wildwood also has a “food grill” option that is made from heavy gauge perforated stainless steel. It is great for searing steaks fast while creating interesting marking on the meats.

Wildwood commercial grills can be used in your home as well. They are placed on a standard 27″ high kitchen equipment table. Another option we recommend is our elegantly styled yakitori grill island. This beautiful and functional piece has room for charcoal storage, built in sauce wells, and drawers for utensils. Check out our Yakitori accessories page for more information.