Parrilla Grill Insert Professional Grade

Parrilla Grill Insert

Grill Size 72″ x  32″ with 16″ Burn Basket

Made from 304 Stainless.

Includes removable V-shaped grills

Meat hooks

Drip tray to collect fats

Custom Options Available Call 323 255 6578


Argentine BBQ Grill

Wildwoods Parrilla Grill Insert  Professional Grade This is our most popular Professional series grill. Made from 2 x 2 stainless steel tube and premium components such as brass bushings helical gearing, and stainless steel lift chain. This model can be produced with two separate grill stations and a central brasero, or one grill station and a side brasero, or if preferred no brasero. Our most popular sizes are from 60″ wide to 96″ wide.

Burn basket  ( brasero) can be from 12′ to 19 inches wide. and includes a grill area directly in front of the burn box.  This area is great for getting a hard sear on meats or skillet roasting. Another simple but very cool feature is the included stainless steel hooks. Depending on the size of the grill we include anywhere from 2-4 of these hooks. The hooks simply hang on the 2 x 2 steel crossbar and are used to suspend anything from braids of garlic, tomatoes on the vine, or any meats you would like to slowly temper over the heat. This hanging of food on the hooks is visually enticing and functions at the same time.

This grill has the option when ordered to include fold-out doors to close the burn basket under each grill as well as the area under the brasero. This creates a more refined look and also helps keep the operator more cool.  This door is insulated and includes stainless steel hinges and chain stops.

Wildwoods Elegant use of stainless steel sets the standard for high-quality professional or residential grilling with our Parrilla Grill Insert. Designed to set into site-built fire brick pits, this model is our take on the Argentinean bbq grill. Available in custom size options. Contact us for pricing and options, such as hearth tools, grill brushes, and more.