Brazilain BBQ is a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of professional-grade Argentine Parrillas, Santa Maria Grills and Brazilian-style rotisserie’s Yakitori Grills

We offer barbecues made entirely of 304 stainless steel, our grills are stylish and durable. They are typically installed in front of the house in open kitchen environments to showcase your chef’s work. We manufacture a wide selection of Brazilian BBQs, Japanese Yakitori, Argentine Parilla, and the traditional Built-in Grills for the Restaurant, Home and Garden. Each product is designed to bring authentic flavor and tradition of barbecuing. Our BBQs are manufactured locally using only high quality materials, fabricated with craftsmanship, and undergo rigorous testing to bring you the best. Share the unique experience of cooking with one of our BBQs and join us in spreading the good life.

Professional Argentine Grill 72 Inch

Pig Roaster Rotisserie BBQ Grill

This amazing wood-fired grill is a dream come true for the BBQ enthusiast. When you want to elevate your grill game to another level. This BBQ Roaster is a simple yet elegant way to entice your guests with a live-action BBQ show. This Rotisserie BBQ Grill is our modern twist on Gaucho grilling from the Pampas region in Argentina. In this region, the Gauchos wood skewers large primal cuts of beef on wood stakes and sets them around an open fire on the ground.