Argentine Grill 98

Argentine Grill 98

Dimensions: 98 x 38 x 75″ H

Weight: 2272 Lbs

4 – 25″ Lateral Rotisserie ( 25 LB Capacity Each)

2 Grill Sections

Central Wood Burn Basket

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Wildwoods Argentine Grill 98 is a professional-grade wood-fired pit grill suitable for home or restaurant use.

Our traditional Parrilla grill is incorporated 4 -25″ lateral rotisserie skewers over a fixed height parrilla. The lateral skewers are perfect for poultry, sucking pigs, Cabrito, lamb, and more.

Typically placed in front of the house or open kitchens, this wood-burning grill has many features to excite any chef. The ultimate Carbon steel V groove grill is slightly slanted forward to capture grease and prevent flare-ups that distort taste. The two-tier grills are easily removable to allow for cleaning and access to the fire chamber.

The Argentine Grill central burn basket or braseiro allows you to burn the premium wood of your choice to create hot coals for grilling. In true Argentine Grilling tradition, the fire box is lined with high-performance fire bricks and includes a front access door for easy fire management. Ashe removal is easy with our integrated ash chute and removable ash drawer.

This model has all the options included. Like our folding shelf that holds standard nine pans, open storage area below for wood and charcoal storage, and dual ash drawers. The area in front of the Braseiro includes a grill rack. This area is great for high heat searing. There is also the option to place a griddle in this area.

The right side grill lift system uses smooth-action helical gearing and brass bushings for precise operation. Our lift chain is made of high-quality stainless steel. Both grilling areas include a pair of stainless steel hooks suspended over the burn box. This is typically used for eye candy foods, such as sausages, beef ribs, braids of garlic, tomatoes on the vine… use your imagination.

Our firewood grill structure is made entirely of 304 stainless steel and includes heavy-duty swivel locking wheels with a safety brake to lock it in place.

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Additional information

Weight 2500 lbs
Dimensions 105 × 40 × 65 in