Brazilian Gas Catering BBQ

40″ in length (1M)

Gas catering  Brazilian BBQ's  from Wildwood make it easy to bring the flavors and style of famous Brazilian BBQ to your events.  Easy to operate and simple to transport, these models present a new and stylish way to entice your customers with the best BBQ.


Wildwoods Brazilian Gas Catering BBQ ( Churrasqueira a Gas) use’s  high BTU infrared burners for consistent and precise cooking. Our system of cooking for our gas models is from the top down.

With the burners mounted overhead the top gallery our Brazilian Gas Catering BBQ cooks the fastest while the middle gallery cooks at a moderate pace, and the lower 3 rd gallery is for slow roasting. Below the third gallery we incorporate a water bath where all drippings collect. When you are done cooking simply open the valve and drain the water into a bucket and dispose.

Every gallery comes standard with with the ability to use a grill rack in lieu of skewers. This opens up many possibilities to use the unit  for roasting vegetables, melting cheese just like a salamander and toasting bread, and even grilling hamburgers.

All our gas catering bbq’s can use propane or natural gas. Each unit features a rotative system, constructed with durable cast iron gears and a shielded speed reducer, for increased control over rotating foods. Our Brazilian barbeque units are designed to cook numerous cuts of beef, chicken, sausages, ribs, fowl, and game meats. Spits rotate constantly, allowing the meats to self-baste. These units do the work for you!

The top area over the burners is ideal for use as a holding station for hotel pans, and sheet trays.

Cooking with our gas system has many advantages over charcoal. There is none of the BTU loss that you get with charcoal as it burns down.  You do not have to constantly feed the fire. Charcoal free means no hot and colds spots leading to uneven and unpredictable cooking times. These units produce bbq without creating smoke.  The flavor of the meats is so pure you will be amazed.

The large pneumatic tires easily roll over rough terrain, and the steering mechanism makes it easy to position. Once the unit is in position the automatic braking system will keep it from moving.

When your ready to make an impact at your next event and raise the bar of your BBQ catering talk to us.

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Additional information

Weight 1200 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 36 × 72 in