Yakitori Grill 64 Dual Fuel Hybrid Grill – Robata Grill

Yakitori Grill 64 Dual Fuel Hybrid Robata Grill

Dimensions:  64 x 15 x 16′ H

Fuel Type:      Charcoal, Natural Gas, LPG

Weight” 489 Lbs

BTU:      70,000

Material : 304 Stainless Steel

Yak 64 Line Drawing





Yakitori Grill Charcoal

Wildwood’s professional Dual-Fuel Yakitori Grill 64 is setting the standard for Japanese grills. Our unique grill has the capability to be used as a Binchotan grill (Yakitori Grill Charcoal) or a gas grill. They are also known as a Robata Grill.

Our high output 70,000 BTU burners provide over 700F cooking temperature when used with gas and our ceramic briquette array. The even heat distribution of these burners eliminates hot and cold spots. Consistent and stable heat produces perfect results every time. This Dual-Fuel Yakitori Grill can also serve as an indoor yakitori grill, too.

All our Dual-Fuel Yakitori Grill 64 are triple insulated for operator comfort and safety. Wildwood’s line of professional Japanese yakitori grills is made from heavy gauge top quality 304 stainless steel with a sanitary brushed finish which produces an elegant look. And speaking of good looks, this unit is at home in any front of the house or live-action setting.

Wildwood produces a selection of yakitori and yakiniku grill accessories to complement our grills. Our standard solid rest bars are included with every yakitori grill as standard equipment. We also offer angle elevation bars, welded grill rack elevation systems that allow multiple levels of skewers over the heat source. Wildwood also has a “food grill” option that is made from heavy gauge perforated stainless steel and is great for searing steaks hot and fast while creating unique marking on the meats. Another accessory is our lightweight grill rack made from woven stainless steel. This is great for any non skewered items.

Made in America and NSF certified, our indoor yakitori grill has come to be accepted worldwide and is used by the top resorts, hotels, and restaurants in over seven continents. When you want a grill and performance and style matters, this is the grill you want.

All our Robata grills feature:

Stainless steel removable ash/drip drawer which is dishwasher safe.

Heavy-duty stainless steel burners with integrated burner shield.

Stainless steel charcoal support rack made from 1/2″ solid stainless steel bars.

An adjustable standing pilot and large stainless steel control knob.

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Weight 560 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 24 × 24 in