Residential Brazilian Gas BBQ Grill – 7 Skewers

Residential Brazilian Gas BBQ 7 Skewer

Dimensions: 26 x 28 x 30″H – 164 Lbs

RG 7 Line Drawing


Brazilian Churrasco BBQ Grill

Wildwoods Residential Brazilian BBQ Grill is a gas BBQ grill with 7 Skewers and can be a great addition to your home. When you want to prepare authentic Brazilian BBQ, without using charcoal, this is the grill you want. Based on our larger professional restaurant grills this grill features high output infrared gas burners mounted above the skewers, which eliminate flare-ups from grease and drippings.

Smoke Free Grilling

These infrared burners cook consistently, with predictable results. With no charcoal to deal with, you can cook easily on your patio or deck without smoking out your neighbors or guest. This the real deal, an authentic Brazilian Churrasco BBQ Grill.

Self-rotating skewers cook the meats perfectly by self-basting and never allowing the meat to overcook on any side. Easy to set up by simply placing on a countertop. This model features a removable drip tray that is typically filled with water just like our professional Brazilian Gas grills. This feature makes cleaning up very easy.

This Residential Brazilian BBQ Grill will use all of our professional grade skewers

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When you want to create the ultimate BBQ show this is the BBQ Grill you want. Imagine a selection of skewered sausages, ribs, kebabs, chicken, and roast, all rotating and cooking to perfection.

This ultimate party BBQ will entice your family and friends and create great culinary memories.




Additional information

Weight 225 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 36 in