Parrilla 48″ Residential Wood Grill

Parrilla 48″ Residential Wood Grill

Dimensions: 47. 5 X 22 x 35″ H

Weight:         174 Lbs

Installation: Masonry or Wildwood Base Support

What’s Included:

V-grill with grease tray or round grate, on request. Top rest grill. Side brassero with stainless steel door for thermal insulation.

Download Parrilla R 48 Spec Sheet

Parrilla R 48 Line Dwg




Wildwoods Parrilla 48″ Residential Wood Grill is a premium quality traditional style wood-burning grill for home. This series of grills feature a front-wheel winder and a 22″ depth, perfect for tight spaces. Designed for a masonry structure with enclosed walls on 3 sides which is the ideal setup to keep the grill area out of the wind so the heat stays concentrated in the cooking area. This grill is available in 6 widths from 20 ” to 39 ” sizes.  You are sure to find the perfect size for your space.


This classic-style wood-burning BBQ grill is made entirely of 304 stainless steel.  and includes such professional features of our larger professional argentine style grills.  V grooves grates are sloped to allow the fats to drain forward into the provided grease collection tray.  The front-wheel winder features our anti-reverse technology and makes raising and lowering the grill easy. Low maintenance stainless steel is our metal of choice, Painted grills always seem to look worse as they age. So for the end-user, a no-painted surface to degrade ensures a lifetime of grilling with zero maintenance.

Our standard feature for this wood-burning bbq is a burn basket. Our insulated  Fire Box door keeps the operator cool. You have an option of a 12″ wide or 15 ” wide burn box.   The area directly in front of the burn box includes a small grill which is perfect for searing meats or skillet cooking.

Details are everything in manufacturing which is why we use 304 stainless steel throughout even the chain lift system to elevate the grill is made from stainless steel. Steel chain has many advantages over other manufacturers who use a CABLE LIFT which often fail over time.  Our material will never fail.

Other options include an open basket-style burn box that has no door or sidewalls, which allow for a complete view of the fire from all sides. This can be useful for installation where the client wants to see to fire at all times or simply wants to save a little bit of money. Whichever style you choose you are going to love grilling on this wood-burning BBQ  grill