Commercial Rotisseries

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 Brazilian Commercial Rotisseries

Brazilian BBQs has a wide selection of commercial rotisseries (churrasqueiras) for your restaurant and catering needs. Each product is designed to bring the authentic flavor and tradition of churrasco to your dining experience. Originating in southern Brazil, churrasco is a style of BBQ where choice cuts of meats are pierced on large skewers and placed over a pit of hot wood coals. The skewers slowly rotate, allowing the meats to self baste, creating the most succulent, moist and tender BBQ. This cooking process helps retain the flavor of the meat while accenting it with a subtle and delicious hint of wood smoke. Our machines come in gas and charcoal. See our gallery and skewer chart to obtain the perfect size machine for your kitchen.

Manufactured from stainless steel
4-5” wheels facilitate cleaning and moving
Top gallery to hold skewers for slow cooking
Motor : Heavy duty 1/4 HP 110 or 220VO (50-60HZ) (specify when ordering)
Includes one set of spits and upper rest bar
Upper racks are available