Gaucho Grill Pro Line BBQ Black Edition


If you are passionate about creating the best BBQ, you need this grill. Meats slowly rotated over hot coals and self baste in their own juices, while being gently kissed by fire. Imagine the delight of your guest as they watch choice cuts of beef, lamb, and chicken all rotating at once!

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This Gaucho Grill is a chefs ultimate dream. Made from the same durable components as our robust restaurant grills in a scaled down size. This grill not only has rotating skewers, but it includes a stainless steel grill rack. The grill rack raises and lowers at the touch of a button, to give you precise control over the position.

Made entirely of 304 stainless steel. We added a modern touch by incorporating our black stainless steel base for a beautiful contrast. Convenient storage drawers and fold down side tables increase the functionality of the piece. This grill is so easy to use, it can turn a barbecue novice into an expert overnight.

If you love to grill meats,you need this in your collection. Hand turning meats on a stationary grill will always result in uneven cooking. Let the rotisserie gaucho grill do the work while you enjoy the view of the meats self basting. Imagine what types of meat you would cook. Whole roasted chicken, racks of lamb, how about a standing prime rib roast. The possibilities are endless.

The included electric lift grill is great for cooking vegetables and sausages. Clear glass side panels block wind while allowing a view to the show. Order this grill and you will never go back to barbecuing the old way. Cooking with this grill is one of the greatest pleasures you will ever experience. and the quality of the Gaucho Pro Line BBQ black edition is guaranteed to not let you down.

This grill is extremely low maintenance as there are no gas burners or flame igniters to wear out.
Just plug it in, light the coals, skewer a choice cut of meat, set it on the machine and Viola!

Order your gaucho grill pro line bbq black edition today! Your family and friends will thank you.